Ship Building

Our continuous, long-length tubing reduces the need for compression fittings or welds when joining straight length sections. Using fewer fittings and welds significantly reduces opportunities for defect and makes the assembly far safer over time. Continuous, long-length tubing is much easier to install than straight length tubing, where each 6 meter (20 foot) section is joined with another compression fitting or weld.
Our tubes are 100% pressure tested to the customers’ standards, guaranteeing quality. One continuous, long-length tube can easily reach 100 meters; making long-term maintenance and inspection easy since no fittings or welds are used.
Shipbuilders around the world rely on PSTubes corrosion-resistant, seamless tubes because of its high resistance to cavitation erosion, stress corrosion cracking, crevice and galvanic corrosion. Our seamless tubes greatly reduce the number of connections needed, minimizing opportunity for defects, lowering installation time and cost.
Specific Applications Include:
Hydraulic Tubing·
Fuel Line Tubing·
Off-shore Control Lines·
Fire Fighting System Control Lines·
Pressure Sensing Lines·
Fixed Gas Detection Sensing Lines·
Sampling and Draining Lines·
Deck Machinery Remote Control Line Systems·
Tank Level and Draft Gauging System Lines·
Heat Tracing Lines·
Valve Remote Control Line Systems