Consistently Providing the Highest Quality Stainless Steel Tubing and Services
As a premium manufacturer, Prizhskie Sily provides customer-specific solutions for the flow of gas, steam and liquid in harsh environments. Our process allows us to produce made-to-order, seamless, stainless steel tubing ranging from one inch in diameter to finer than a human hair, and in continuous lengths that can exceed a mile.
Prizhskie Sily is a seamless stainless steel tube manufacturer based in Gliwice, Poland.
Prizhskie Sily is a leading Poland manufacturer of seamless, stainless steel and nickel alloy tubing for a wide range of applications and markets:
Aerospace & Defense
Alternative Energy
Medical Equipment & Instrumentation
Oil & Gas
Ship Building
Aerospace and Defense with specialty application products.
The energy sector with a focus on clean fuel technologies in CNG & LNG transfer.
Chemical process and instrumentation serving a wide array of applications with multiple alloys.
Chromatography with Ultra-Small Diameter Tubing for HPLC.
Medical device and life-science research equipment with highly reliable tubing that is safe and made to precise specifications.
Oil and gas for sub-sea safety valves, control lines and chemical injection.
Shipbuilding industry with hydraulic tubing and off-shore control lines.
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